Pharmaceutical company goes ECG

mycb1.pngIn this photo: Mr Binder and Mr Diringuer


Pharmaceutical company goes ECG, an article by Estefanía Matesanz, Chairwoman at ECG Netherlands.

It’s been said that revolutions come from bad harvests. What some are calling the “Impact Revolution,” or the pursuit of social impact alongside financial goals, may be no different. Ernesto Diringuer, the CEO of MYCB1, believes the “bad harvest” that is precipitating the Impact Revolution in the health sector was no different. 

“We began to understand that often the pharmaceutical industry was not offering the answers that patients needed so we decided to create a data-driven patient-centric platform for supportive care”. In pursuit of this strategy, one of MYCB1 co-founders and Chief of the German Operations, Mr Albrecht Binder, believes that “A key pillar to this strategy is a robust code of conduct that would drive our business choices and to this end the ECG Matrix and Balance Sheet offer a robust framework”. 

Mr Diringuer fully agreed with this approach so he asked Mrs Estefanía Matesanz, Chairwoman at ECG NL and trained ECG consultant, to help them draft a code of conduct based on the ECG values and principles. Mrs Matesanz says: “The key challenge was to make the ECG Matrix and Balance Sheet work for a start-up company such as MYCB1. On the one hand the code of conduct needed to be comprehensive and holistic enough to capture all ECG principles while at the same time allowing some flexibility for the company to define its procedures and policies as it scales up.” Mr Diringuer says, “Some companies believe that going through such exercise is costly and time consuming but in reality, it is an investment, especially since we plan to go listed on the Canadian Stock Exchange”. “Indeed, says Mrs Matesanz, when I speak to municipalities and companies I try to emphasize that the ECG Matrix, if used well, is instrumental for strategic definition, it is not a separate exercise that you keep in your drawer”. 

So what’s next for MYCB1?, Mr Binder says, “As ECG member company, we are obviously not keeping it at code of conduct level, the plan is to fully implement the ECG Matrix as soon as we have passed the start-up phase and having our plans in mind we are excited that we might become the first ECG company listed at the stock exchange”.  “It has been an honor to support MYCB1 and its committed founders and hope to support them in the near future through ECG as the company scales up” as per Mrs Matesanz. 

MYCB1 is a pharmaceutical licensed company that manufactures cannabis based medical products for medical prescriptions. Its mission is to lead the transition of global healthcare platforms to optimize patient outcomes. 

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